recruiting bad superheroes

Permanent Staffing in the Film Industry

One of the most difficult tasks can be trying to find the right group of people for a film shoot or television production. If you haven’t created the proper culture in your line of work, then it will be extremely difficult to attract top talent. Production assistants, makeup artists, costume designers, and writers can be some of the hardest people to find – especially those with a high level of experience.

If there is one thing we have learned from being in this industry for so long, it’s that you simply cannot neglect building a strong culture. It’s easily one of the hardest things to do, but a truly passionate leader or entrepreneur will take the time to do so. While we were on the set of Smallville, the only thing that gave us a fighting chance of coming out of there with the right shots and the production value was the culture and team!

I mean listen, when you are dealing with Superman, you have to be absolutely spot on with the casting and team around them. Actors and actresses are a whole different animal, but recruiting that solid team of artists, grips, lighting crew, and publicists will ultimately determine whether or not a show will make it past 1 season. And lord knows, most shows don’t recruit well at all!

Once Upon a Time had the potential to be one of the best shows on television, but ultimately attracting the right talent did not come easy. The budget was there, but the leadership? Not quite, resulting in one of the least successful attempts to fill the right jobs quickly enough. Talent was in need and the right people were not in place. I mean, imagine if you got these two guys to be the next Batman and Robin!

recruiting bad superheroes

We recently spoke to Gary Kane, a former head of the American Staffing Association. His response was that fostering the right culture leads to long term success. And we couldn’t agree more. Think of a good football team – with the right head coach recruiting the right players, long term success is almost guaranteed. If you want to learn more about the best philosophical approach to staffing, then talk to Gary’s team, the best staffing service on the East Coast. Take it from us – this whole production went down, but we could be 3 seasons deep by now had someone attracted the right candidates for the job!